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1.137 women drivers
121 Brazilian
250 pages, 8 chapters
203 photos (5 unpublished
and 40 exclusive photos)
Table wit 788 results,
victories and records from
1888 until feb/2021

All results in F.1, F.Indy, 24h
Le Mans, 24h Daytona, 12h
Sebring, 10h Petit Le Mans,
24h Spa, 24h Nürburgring,
24h Dubai

Forewords signed by
Founder and W Series CEO
Catherine Bond Muir




The book is about women's performance in motorsport from 1888 to January 2021! There are more than 1,100 names of female drivers, with incredible stories about the struggles to overcome prejudices, conquer space and the right to compete on equal terms with men, and still win! 

There are 8 chapters, divided as follows: 

I -     The Pioneers Women     
II-     Women in Formula 1     
III-    Women in Formula Indy    

IV-    Great Achievements     
V-    Women around the World    

VI-    Women's milestones        
VII-    For women drivers only    
VIII-    Photo collection 

Women incredible

journey in motorsport

The book is avaiable 

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